Welcome to CurveClans!

Hello, new user! This simple slideshow will tell you how easily you can join the Clan-rankings. When you completed this tutorial, click on continue to start using the Clan site.

1. Join or register a clan

To join the Clan-rankings you need to be a member of a clan. (WFA) If you aren't the leader of the clan, then wait until the leader approves your request to join.

2. Challenge other clans for clanwars

To challenge clans, go to the Rankings page and click on "Challenge" next to the clanname, or click on "Challenge a clan" to find an immediate opponent. You have an option to accept or reject incoming Challenges.

3. Play

All matches have to be played on the discussed date and time. Make sure all players in your clan carry the same clanname during the match.

4. Results

After the match is finished make sure to enter the results. Go to "Matches" and click on "Enter Results". A textbox will appear asking you to enter the matchlink of the clanwar. The matchlink can be found in your Curvefever profile.

5. Rankings

You have joined the rankings if you followed these steps! You'll get used on it before you know! You can see your clanrank at the Rankingspage or at your clanprofile! Don't forget to visit "Help" section. Have fun!

Useful tips

How to get a good clan
If you aren't in a clan, go to the Dashboard and send an application! You will start receiving some clan-invitations soon. Then just choose the best one and join!

How to get players to your clan
Go to Clan players section and send some invitations to the players who are looking for a clan.

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