Rules and ranking system

1. Rules for clanmatches

1.1.Players must be in clan before challenge is accepted
1.2.Challenge must be accepted before match started
1.3.Clanleaders and players have to agree that a player can participate in a clanwar between two clans he has accounts in
1.4.The General rules of Curve Fever games are also in use
1.5.A match counts how it is played (even when the challenge was different). No compensation for bugs and lags
1.6.Clanmatches are supposed to be played on the EU server. Only if matchinfo points out different server or in matchchat both parties agree the match has to be played on the agreed server.

2. Rules for tournament and tournament matches

2.1.Players must be in clan before tournament registration closes
2.2.Draws are fully random, only if there are free first rounds the best clans are seeded in round 2, but random draws
2.3.A clan is able to play in a tournament when it has played clan wars worth at least 10 points based on: 4 points for 4vs4 clan war, 3 points for 3vs3 clan war and so on
2.4.Signing up for tournament and not showing up in any round will be punished with 25 clan rank decrease
2.5.A player is only allowed to play for one clan (no use of second accounts). He has to inform his leaders for which clan he plays (no use of rule 1.3.)
2.6.Further tournament rules and general information are provided with the tournament announcement

3. Rank system

3.1.Elo based rank system with
  • Bigger rank change for more players involved (4vs4 counts more than 2vs2)
  • Rank change is smaller if the Curve Fever match is unranked
3.2.Rank decrease by 2 % of clanrank above 1000 for clans which played less than 3 games in 2 weeks and 3 % for every following week. Decrease day is every Sunday.
3.3.Bonus of 30 rankpoints per month for the clan with the most matches against different clans (1vs1 games have to played 2 times before counted)

4. Clans

4.1.Existing clans and their tags are marked as inactive after:
  • 100 days for clans that have already played a clanwar and no member logged in on
  • 7 days for clans that haven't played any clanwars and no member logged in on
4.2.Inactive clans are not instantly deleted but anyone can register a new clan with the same tag which erases the previous clan
4.3.If any member of an inactive clan logs in, clan loses its inactivity status and time period resets and counts again by 4.1.

5. Cheating and consequences

5.1.Depending of the high of the infringements and precedents cheating, boosting clan rank and other not tolerated behaviour (like abusing chats, avoiding games etc.) is able to be punished with
  • Warning for clan and/or player
  • Rank decrease for clan and/or player
  • Ban of players on and
  • Deletion of clans and/or player accounts
  • Clanmoderators can decide to exclude a clan from tournaments
5.2.Players and users are not allowed to abuse any features of e.g. repeatedly creating new clans to gain rank bonus.

These rules were last changed on 4th August 2016