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Sign in

You can simply sign in with your CurveFever account by clicking on the Sign in with Curve Fever button. If you are already logged in on, logged account will be used. You can log out by clicking on next to your name in the left sidebar. If you want to log in with different account, you have to log out first on and then login on Clans.

Clan leaders

Clan leader () is a player with more rights in a clan than normal clan member. When someone registers a new clan, he automatcially becomes a clanleader. Every clanleader has his own clan administration panel, where he can edit clan options, approve/deny new players in clan or kick clan members.

Joining a clan, WFA

If you want to join an existing clan, the clan leader of that clan has to approve you. After submission of a request to join a clan, you will see "WFA" label next to your clan. That means you are Waiting For Approval and you won't be a regular clan member until the clanleader will approve you to his clan.

How to find clan easily

Do you want quickly find a clan to join? You can send an application to every clan by going to Dashboard and pressing Send an application! Every clan will receive a notification, that you want to join their clan. Wait some hours and you should receive some invitations from clans that like you, then you can just accept invitation from the clan you like most. (Clans can see your ranks when deciding whether to invite you or not)

Rank system

After valid match result is inserted, new clan rank is counted. Clan ranks are based on an ELO system. We've created this ranking system in order to support team games. That means for playing 2v2 game you will get/lose more than playing 1v1 game and so on. If your game on Curvefever was not ranked, rank change is divided by 2.


First step to create a regular Clanwar is challenge your opponents. Visit the clan page of your victim clan and click on "Challenge this clan". You will see a challenging form.

Creating a challenge

Here you can select game settings such as game Type (1v1, 2v2, etc.), Powerups Set, Scaling and Ranked information, game date and time and you can write a short message for your opponents. Before sending a challenge, make sure, that the game time is at least 5 minutes in future. After you send a match request, wait how your opponents will react. If they approve your challenge, new match is created.

Quick challenges

By creating a Quick challenge, you challenge every clan. This challenge is temperory, saved only for 10 minutes. Every clan receives this challenge and who is online, can accept it. If someone accepts it, it will be deleted before the 10 minutes are done. You can accept only one Global challenge / 30 minutes and you can't create a new Quick challenge, where there already exist one Quick challenge sent from your clan.

Playing regular clan match

If you want to play valid clan war, you have to fulfill certain conditions. Don't start the game until all of following conditions are met. Otherwise match won't be valid!
  • Game must be fair, don't start 3v4,2v3, etc.
  • Everyone in the room must be registered on this site and approved in his clan
In case of a regular match, match settings are not important. Game type, scaling and field settings don't have to match with the match settings.

Entering result

After your Clanwar is finished, someone has to enter results in our system (mostly winners are doing this). Results are entered as a match link, you can find in your Curvefever profile. Don't report the result with a big delay, you should do it max. 20 minutes after the match end.

How to get a match link

Visit My Account section on and get URL of match you want to enter results for. Correct link format is under the image.

Entering match link

Final entering of a match link is easy. Just go to Matches section on this page, select the match you want to fill results for and click on Enter results button. Just paste the matchlink here. Results of your game will be automatically parsed and you will see rank change for both clans. Every matchlink can be used only once.


In case of any problems with the match, you can report it and our team of qualified clan-moderators will help you. You can report a not played match in corresponding match chat (click More.. button) or a played match in Matches section (Last played matches).

Clan rank

Each clan has its own rank. New clan starts with 1000 rtg. points. Rank is changing by playing clan matches. Counting of rank gain/loss is based on the strength of your oponent and match settings. For playing 4v4 you will get more than for plying 3v3 etc. If your room was non-ranked, rank change is half.

Using chat

On this site, we provide 3 different types of chat. Global chat, clan chat and match chat. Username colors in chat are folowing: yellow for clan leader, orange for clan member and grey for user without a clan.

Clan chat

This is a chat only for members of your clan. No other players can see it. Clan leader has an option to clear the clanchat. Clan chat is cleared automatically when limit of 100 messages is exceeded.

Match chat

When you have at least one open match, you can use match chat. Only members of clans that are in that match can see it. Chat will close after entering a valid match link.

Global chat

Every user who is logged in can see this chat. Don't spam here, otherwise your access to this chat will be terminated.