Finally! The video of the August 3v3 Clan Tournament is online! Click here to watch.

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HC wins the August 3v3 Clan Tournament

Congratulations to all members of clan HC! They won the final against clan BEAT with a score of 10-3.
This is the second Clan Tournament where clan HC became champion.
Check out the bracket in our Tournament section. Thanks for playing!

After having this great Curve Clans Tournament, we have also bad news. Our amazing administrator Meruem (better known as Salietje) is going to stop working for Curve Fever & Curve Fever Clans. We have enjoyed your amazing work Meruem, and we will never forget you.
Farewell Salietje!

Best Regards, Jezevec10, Dutch4All, Alkapten, Mark Donalds & Pjush