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The December 3v3 tournament

Clan JSJP is the winner of The December 3v3 Clan tournament. JSJP has been in the final of several clan tournaments in the past, but today they managed to obtain they first win. Congratulations!

Supreme Champion: JSJP
Worthy Adversary: Hype
Maybe Next Time: Go
4th place: ALWT

More info in the forum post:

Hype vs JSJP (winners bracket semi final)


ALWT vs Go (semi final loser bracket)


Hype - Go (final loser bracket)




Updated 21:20,23:30

Because of the official tournament, this clan tournament will be held on Sunday 18th December. Registration is open in the Tournaments section. Today's items: 1st round: Special, 2nd round: GSpeed (full field), 3rd round: Corner, 4th round: Thin, 5th round: Special, 6th round: Thorner (thin and corner), 7 th round: None, 8th round (Final): Basic 10 items, 9th round (Final rematch): GSpeed (full field)

Last clan tournament?

This is the last chance for your clan to obtain a trophy from a regular monthly clan tournament, as with this tournament we stop organizing them on a regular monthly basis. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that this is the last clan tournament ever to be played.

Since September 2013, there were 37 monthly organized clan tournaments - including some olympics specials spanning more events. Some clans were able to win multiple tournaments - here are the TOP 3 champions:
  1. vS - 10 wins
  2. GiBo - 5 wins
  3. os - 4 wins

More details about this tournament:
Forum post at curvefever.com